A "55 plus" community. All owners are members of the Association.

Patio Home living is a unique style of home ownership, blending many benefits of single family ownership with many benefits of the apartment life style. However, patio home owners face certain restrictions that are not generally applicable to single family home ownership. Many of these restrictions are necessary to maintain the continued attractiveness and uniform appearance of the patio home community. A manual has been prepared and distributed to all homeowners to inform them of the specific rules and regulations that govern the Association and the procedures that must be followed when any change, modification, or addition to the buildings or grounds is considered. Each homeowner's thoughtfulness, cooperation, and participation is an essential ingredient to making our community an enjoyable place to live.


The Apache Wells II Patio Home Homeowner's Association is a non profit corporation chartered by the State of Arizona in 1996 to provide for maintenance, preservation, and architectural control of the community of 166 patio homes. This is a "55 plus" community. At least one occupant/resident must be 55 or older. Membership in the Association is automatic with the purchase of a patio home in Apache Wells II.

The affairs of the Association are administered by an elected Board of not less than 3 nor more than 7 directors who have a fiduciary responsibility to take appropriate action to uphold the common interests of the community. The Board of Directors is obligated to run the Association according to its recorded legal documents: Restated Articles of Incorporation, Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and the By-laws. Each homeowner should be familiar with the content of these documents. All corporate records are maintained by the Management Company and are available for homeowner inspection by appointment.

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions

Among the key CC&Rs that Apache Wells II property owners are to follow are:

- One member of the household must be at least 55 years of age and no one under the age of 19 may reside in APW2.

- Commercial and oversized vehicles, e.g. limousines are not permitted parking in the
driveways. RV or motor home parking is not permitted anywhere within the HOA boundaries, except for loading or unloading purposes not to exceed 24 hours.

- Pets are allowed - no more than two small common household indoor pets, not to exceed 30 pounds.

- Shrubs, trees, grass and plantings must be kept neatly trimmed, free of trash, weeds and other unsightly materials all times.

- All properties must be kept in good repair and adequately painted. Carports and garages must be kept in a tidy manner if visible from the street.

-Residential properties may not be used to conduct business.

- No storage buildings, sheds or other structures may be erected.

The above items represent only key CC&Rs. A complete listing may be obtained from the Office of Property Management.

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